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Wireless Pet Doorbell

Model No.: P11

This doorbell is mainly designed for your pets, its waterproof touch button is sensitive, you can train the pets to touch it with nose or paw for a call to avoid barking or scratching. With wireless plug-in powered receiver and battery powered transmitter, it is easy to install and move. The doorbell features 52 ringtones and 4 volume levels to suit your needs, and can reach up to 300m barrier-free wireless distance.

No barking or scratching

The dog or cat can touch the touch button through nose or claw to activate the doorbell when they need to go outside, potty or bathroom to avoid barking or scratching the door.

IP55 Waterproof

This touch button is IP55 waterproof, can be used for indoor/outdoor.

Up to 1000FT wireless range

The operation range can reach up to 1000FT in the open air,and300~500FT with walls and doors.

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