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Wi-Fi-enabled wireless caregiver pager

Model No.: D1WP

This Wi-Fi-enabled wireless caregiver pager is specially designed for elders, patients, and disabled people to quickly issue a caregiver alarm or medical alert to their caregiver/family members. When the SOS button of the panic button is pressed, the door chime will not only give your local alerts but also send real-time notifications to your mobile phone immediately for reminding. The mini battery-powered panic button with a strap can be worn as a pendant or carried in the pocket.

Main Features:

No need to yell to get attention,designed for elders, patients and disabled people to quickly issue an alert to their caregiver or family members.

Stay connected with your loved ones,send real-time App notifications or Alexa Announcement to caregivers or your family at the press of a button.

3 alert modes-light & sound, sound only, light only, easy to choose the mode you need from the App.

IP55 Waterproof,acceptable for water splash and allow to be installed in the washing room/bathroom.

Built-in nightlight, turn on/off the cool night light as scheduled,you can even ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn it on and off just by voice.

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