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Wireless Caregiver Pager

Model No.: FX-PM

Wireless caregiver pager is specially designed for elders, patients and disabled people to quickly issue a caregiver alarm or medical alert to their caregiver/family members. When press the SOS button of the panic button, the vibration alarm will play music and vibrate immediately for reminding. The mini battery powered panic button with strap can be worn as a pendant or carried in the pocket. The doorbell features 52 ringtones and 4 levels of volume up to 110dB to suits your needs, and it can reach up to 260ft wireless distance when there are no obstacles. 

Multiple Purposes

This caregiver pager can be used as emergency/medical alert for elders/patients/disabled people/pregnants, waking up device for children, service calling device, etc. 

Easy to Carry

Battery powered  with small size and light weight, vibration receiver can keep in pocket or hook it easily with belt clip at the back, panic button can be hang on neckas a pendant or put in pocket.


Allowing you to pair various transmitters to the receiver, the ringtone can be set to different for each push button

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