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Wireless Vibration & Flashing Doorbell (4)Wireless Vibration & Flashing Doorbell (3)

Wireless Vibration & Flashing Doorbell

Model No.: FX-LM

Wireless vibration and flashing doorbell is specailly designed for deaf or hearing impaired people with strong LED flashing, loud chimes or vibration to ensure that they will never miss any visitor at door. No wires required, simply plug the receiver to an AC outlet or put 2 AAA batteries in the vibratio receiver and mount the transmitter where needed and you are ready to go! The doorbell features 52 ringtones and 4 levels of volume up to 110dB to suit your needs, and you also can mute it to avoid disturbing other family members especially babies or light sleepers, and it can reach a distance of up to 500-1000FT when there are no obstructions.

Suitable For

Elders with hearing loss

People with hearing impairment

People with visual impairment

Families with babies or light sleepers

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